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Passion. Our team of traders here at Plutus live to trade. With over 40 years of combined investing experience, there is nothing in the world our co-founders care more about. There are proven systems to invest successfully without having to sit in front of the computer all day long trading, and we want to share them with you. Why Plutus, simply put, we love what we do and why not follow the Greek God of Wealth?

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The Plutus Traders systems are built on a solid track record of IMPRESSIVE results!!!

$ETH - 412%

$BTC - 332%

$BABA - 84%

$NVDA - 142%

$SNAP - 78%

$FB - 225%

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  • I have always worked with a financial advisor.  I practice law and have a very busy schedule.  I just assumed my financial advisor was the right way to go, it’s what everyone in the office told me, “I had to do”.  I have been interested in the dynamics of stock trading and have heard about some crazy success stories, so I dug into it.  I came across a chat room that was discussing this company called Plutus Traders.  I dug a little deeper.  I decided to sign up for their trial, I mean, it was only $1, why not?!  Within that first month, not taking any time away from my job, I made a 15% return on my investment.  In one month!!  People pay financial advisors way more than these guys charge for a 10% annual return on a GOOD year!!  Plutus, you have changed my life, thank you.
  • I run a construction company and I spend a lot of time out in the field.  I have always been told that the only way to become truly wealthy is to invest your money in the stock market.  I didn’t know anything about investing and started exploring.  Some of my more successful trading friends led me to Plutus Traders.  I signed up for the trial not knowing what to expect.  I listened to their advice, I asked them questions and got informative responses.  They were very accessible and great teachers.  I made enough profit in the first month of trading with them to pay for an entire year of their services.  Best return on capital I have ever received!
  • My dad was in finance, so I grew up around it.  But he is old school, “You have to buy and hold good companies!”  He didn’t teach me anything about trading.  I have spent time in chat rooms and read my fair share of books, but I didn’t discover a rock-solid trading plan until I came across Plutus Traders.  These guys walked me through their strategies, their reasoning, showed my how to read charts and pick the winners.  I have made more in the last year than I have in my entire trading history.  Thanks Plutus!
  • I work in real estate and have always loved trading stocks.  Unfortunately, my schedule is very unpredictable and my work is time consuming.  I have lost a lot of money trying to trade and work because I can’t always be near my computer.  Sean and Ryan have really shown me a way to be successful in the market and at work.  With their strategy, you do not need to be in front of a computer all day, these guys were the answer to my prayers.  Thanks Plutus Traders.

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